YGBK-600-2-YGCX-4000 Production Line

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The Magicball YGBK-600-2 Dry ice pelletizer & YGCX-4000 Dry ice reformer.

YGBK-600-2 & YGCX-4000 Granular briquette complete set machine, producing small flake ice mainly, also can produce granular dry ice lonely, it is a set of liquid CO₂ to small flake ice complete set of automatic production equipment, large capacity,high  degree of automation, stable performance.

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★ OMRON PLC and touch screen enable automation and digital production;

★ The stainless steel housing resists long-term corrosion of the condensate;

★ Adopt low noise digital servo control system;

★ Advanced technology makes dry ice conversion rate higher than 42%;

★ The use of cold gas from the exhaust gas to cool the oil temperature greatly reduces energy consumption;


Dry ice cleaning, low temperature preservation and transportation, smoke effects and other industries.

We support our customers building up their dry ice business and are pleased to also provide our advice in regards to dry ice blasting machine and dry ice storage container.

  Dry ice Production

● Dry ice Production Centres

 Magicball Dry Ice Pelletizer YGBK-100-1

 Magicball Dry Ice Pelletizer YGBK-200-1

 Magicball Dry Ice Pelletizer YGBK-300-1

 Magicball Dry Ice Pelletizer YGBK-200-2

 Magicball Dry Ice Pelletizer YGBK-300-2

 Magicball Dry Ice Pelletizer YGBK-300-4

 Magicball Dry Ice Pelletizer YGBK-600-2

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