How to storage and use of dry ice

 News     |      2018-11-16 08:13:57

How to storage and use of dry ice


Dry ice, also known as solid carbon dioxide (co2), is very volatile, sublimated to non-toxic, odorless, 1000 times larger than the solid area of gas carbon dioxide, so dry ice can not be stored in sealed and smaller containers, because it’s easy to explode.


1. Do not expose dry ice to refrigerators or freezers. This will damage the life of the fridge.


2. No touching and putting into your mouth: Because it can cause frostbite, it should be wrapped with cloth or newspaper and so on.


3. It is forbidden to put dry ice in bottles and other containers: When dry ice is turned into gas, the volume will increase by 750 times and cause an explosion.


4. Place plenty of dry ice places to pay attention to oxygen: Attention should be paid to ventilation in dry ice.