YGQX-550 Dry Ice Blasting Machine

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The Magicball YGQX-550 Dry ice blasting machine cleaning with dry ice! This new development is quickly expanding around the world. One system uses small rice size pellets of dry ice shooting them out of a jet nozzle with compressed air .It works some what like sandblasting or high-pressure water or steam blasting,with superior results. The frigid temperature of the dry ice is -78℃.

When the rice-sized pellets are blasted against a surface, they disintegrate and change to carbon dioxide gas. The mould, along with other debris, becomes airborne and later falls to the ground.              ( Download PDF )

Dry Ice Blasting Machine YGQX-550  


  Motor Power(kw)


  With Ice(kg/min)


  Dry Ice Size (mm)


  Hooper Capacity(l)


  Dry Ice Size(inch)


  Air hose length(m)




  Connector Screw Thread(") 

3/4 "

  Air Supply Pressure Range(mpa) 


  Ice Blater hose Length(m)


  Air Supply Pressure Range(bar)




  Air Consumption(m³/min)


  Overall Dimension (cm)


  Air Consumption(cfm)





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Unique Features
★  SUS304 materials construction appears beautiful and reliable use
★  Control ice consumption stably by frequency conversion adjusting speed
★  Various spray guns applicable for different cleaning areas
★  Pneumatic vibrator makes ice supply evenly and smoothly

★  260mm wheels increase machine stability.  

Dry Ice Blasting Machine Accessories

Dry Ice Blast Hose


The ice blast hose adopts imported special low-temperature resistant rubber hose, and Oxford protection cover is wrapped in the hose.

Dry Ice Air Hose


The air hose uses a rubber tube with a pressure resistance of 8.0Mpa, which is connected to a dry and clean compressed air source and blasting

machine. Both ends use rotatable connection.






Standard Nozzle, length is 33cm, Nozzle length is 38mm and width is 4mm.

suitable for most places.




Standard Nozzle, length is 33cm, Nozzle
length is 70mm and width is 3.5mm. suitable for Suitable for large area blasting.




Lengthen Standard Nozzle, length is 50cm, Nozzle  length is 38mm  and width is 4mm. 

suitable for blasting special area.




Combined nozzle, length is 25cm,can replaceΦ6、Φ8、Φ12 nozzle.
suitable for special places with small spray volume.





Dry ice cleaning and other industries.

We support our customers building up their dry ice business and are pleased to also provide our advice in regards to dry ice equipment and dry ice storage container.

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