The preservation of dry ice

 News     |      2018-05-17 00:00:00
Dry ice , also known as solid carbon dioxide (co2), highly volatile , sublimation is non-toxic, odorless , more than 1000 times the solid area of the gas carbon dioxide , so the ice can not be stored in sealed performance is good , smaller containers, it is easy to violence fried . Good air circulation to make dry ice place for ice volatile gases produced release out, so that was safe .
Use special storage of dry ice storage bin , but still have a loss , the loss of a good storage tank can be reduced to 6 ‰. , But expensive. Average family no dedicated box , you can use an ordinary foam boxes to store .
In addition, if necessary, try not to make a non- complete cut into small pieces or particles of dry ice , cut into small pieces of dry ice than a piece of dry ice sublimation easier .
Do not bare ice in the refrigerator or freezer . Because if the ice directly on the refrigerator without packaging or cold storage, refrigerator or cold temperature regulator may mistakenly think that the temperature is too low to be closed, which will wreck the life of the refrigerator . Of course, if in the case of power failure the refrigerator or ice cold absolute will maintain good low temperature below , but the evaporation out of the refrigerator can cause too much carbon dioxide gas explosion.
After each use, make sure the rest of the ice out of the machine into the freezer box . After the ice began to form ice shelf corporation or gasification , using the results will be significantly reduced. Because the relationship between the dry ice sublimation at 24 hours will consume very large, and these losses caused by sublimation is also ubiquitous , so before you want to use the dry ice is best to buy, buy ice and really try to shorten the time interval using the dry ice .