Rinse the transformer with dry ice

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On July 17, the State Grid Jiaxing Power Supply Company first used dry ice washing technology to clean 110 kV switch blade contacts and other substation equipment in 110 kV Wuzhen transformer to achieve high quality, high efficiency, safety and environmental protection.

Jiaxing is located in the coastal area, the air is humid and the salinity content is high, so the power transformation equipment in this area is vulnerable to corrosion. At the same time, due to the particularity of the power equipment, the surface of the substation equipment will also be electrostatic adsorption of oil and dust in the air. These stains will cause poor contact of substation equipment, equipment heating and other conditions, seriously affecting the safety of power grid. In the past, it took four people and four working days to clean a substation equipment with traditional special materials.

The use of dry ice cleaning technology is only two people, can be completed in 6-8 hours a substation equipment cleaning. The application of new technology, not only environmental protection and energy-saving, pollution-free, but also greatly reduce the labor intensity of maintenance personnel, and improve its efficiency and cleaning quality.

It is understood that the use of dry ice washing, also known as cold spraying, is compressed air as a carrier and power, dry ice particles as accelerated particles, through a dedicated jet cleaning machine to the surface of power transformer equipment, the use of high-speed movement of solid dry ice particles momentum change, sublimation, melting and other energy conversion to minus 78 At low temperatures of Celsius and impact speeds of 4 kg/sec, dirt and oil contamination on power transformer equipment are rapidly frozen, thus condensation, embrittlement and peeling are realized. The dirt on power transformer equipment is naturally evaporated in the air with carbon dioxide, and the surface of the equipment is kept dry and clean without any residual cleaning impurities. Quality.

In the future, Jiaxing Company will use dry ice cleaning technology widely during the summer season and overhaul period. While reducing human resources, it will shorten the overhaul time, improve work efficiency, improve the quality of overhaul, and to a greater extent ensure the safety of the power grid.