Major Methods of Dry Ice Production

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Major Methods of Dry Ice Production


(1) Making dry ice at home: carbon dioxide fire extinguisher + cloth bag:

Prepare a cloth bag, put it in the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher outlet, open the fire extinguisher switch, and form a small amount of white "snowflakes" in the cloth bag near the nozzle. This is dry ice, but the amount is very small. It is suitable for teaching classes and learning dry ice related knowledge.


(2) Manual production of dry ice: carbon dioxide cylinders + small manual dry ice maker:

Purchase of liquid carbon dioxide in gas operation station can obtain carbon dioxide cylinder, connect with Magicball small-scale dry ice machine, open the valve, and then produce dry ice, low cost, simple operation, very suitable for hotel, restaurant, bar cloud effect, laboratory cryogenic test, mechanical cold assembly users.


(3) Fully automatic production of dry ice: Carbon dioxide Dewar tank or storage tank + fully automatic dry ice maker:

Purchase liquid carbon dioxide Dewar bottles or tanks in the market and liquid carbon dioxide in gas companies. According to the shape and output requirements of dry ice, choose granular dry ice machine or block dry ice machine.

Dry Ice Production Information:

Dry Ice Pelletizer machine:

Dry Ice Block Machine: