Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting

 News     |      2019-10-24 09:26:09

The advantages of dry ice blasting over traditional cleaning methods are clear.

Clean – Dry ice particles vaporize on impact as they lift contaminants from the surface. This creates no secondary waste, dramatically reducing clean-up time. In addition, hazardous waste clean-ups benefit from no additional contaminated material being created in the cleaning process.

Environmentally Safe – Dry ice is completely environmentally friendly and harmless to employees. Utilizing absolutely no caustic chemicals or solvents, dry ice vaporizes into harmless carbon dioxide on impact.

Cost-Effective – Dry ice blasting allows you to clean equipment without disassembly, eliminating downtime. It is also faster than traditional cleaning, resulting in lower manpower costs.

Dry-ice or CO2 blasting is a cost-effective cleaning process which is non-abrasive, non-flammable and uses carbon dioxide, which is less hazardous to health and the environment compared to other chemical cleaning agents. It is commonly applied in cleaning turbines, gear boxes, car cylinder valves and furnace tubes.

Sample Applications

Food Manufacturing: Dry ice blasting is an FDA/USDA approved cleaning method. Magicball removes failing paint from walls and ceilings. Dry ice blasting removes stubborn or hard to get at deposits from ovens, process equipment, conveyor systems and more.

Utilities: Our non-abrasive process cleans turbine components, economizer fins, generator windings, transformers, insulators and more without creating any secondary waste.

Printing: Removes both wet and dry ink, coatings and grease from continuous web and sheet fed presses. Dry ice blasting is about eight times faster than hand cleaning and provides superior results.

General Maintenance: Clean your equipment in place. Removes oil, grease, weld slag, and overspray; cleans ductwork, electrical equipment, conveyors, cooling fins, and more. Our technology is also ideal for removing tar, construction adhesives, paint, overspray, and cement spatter from concrete, masonry, and other surfaces.

Disaster Cleanup: Magicball offers cost effective cleaning alternatives for mold remediation, electrical fires, and smoke damage.

Architectural/Restoration: Distress floors, windows doors and other surfaces to create weathered and worn look. Our non-abrasive dry ice blasting process cleans masonry walls without damage to mortar or bricks.

HAZMAT: Removes radioactive materials, hazardous spills, asbestos, lead paint, and other mate rials without creating secondary waste. Dry ice blasting can significantly reduce your hazardous waste disposal costs.

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